Jeff’s Bio

Jeff Spross

Born in Lafayette, Louisiana but raised in Humble, TX. Also near Houston, and ironically only 45 minutes from Joe in the Woodlands, though we didn’t meet until film school at the University of Texas in Austin. I spent most of my adolescent years thinking I’d be a scientist, then my teen years thinking I’d be a special effects guy for the movies, before I finally decided to go the whole nine yards as a filmmaker. I crewed a few films and worked for two years at a small production house in Austin after graduating in 2005. I moved to Los Angeles in August ’08, working when I could as an assistant editor and also dabbling in writing and voice over. As of June 3, 2010 I’ve been working in Washington, D.C. as a web intern at The American Prospect.

My political identity is kind of complex. I’ve long considered myself an unapologetic leftist, on both social and economic issues, and like many people in their 20s my disgust with the recently departed Bush Administration has been the formative political experience of my life. However, I’ve lately developed a healthy respect, if not always agreement, for certain forms of conservatism and communitarianism, as well as portions of libertarian thinking on economic policy. I was also raised a Presbyterian and am more or less a believing Christian. (My theology is surprisingly orthodox.) Though my church attendance leaves a bit to be desired. How’s that for a hodge-podge?



  1. Hi Jeff: I just left a comment on your latest piece on the Texas gubernatorial. Sorry I missed you yesterday. You can try me again on my cell today if you need to. 512-657-2089. I like your bio!

    Linda Curtis, Independent Texans

    PS I’m an unapologetic leftie too – who works with folks across the spectrum!

  2. Linda

    Thanks for the comments. It was actually my associate, Joe, who called you. (“Associate” seems ridiculously official, but I guess it’s an accurate description.) I believe he’s emailing you again today. But no worries. We’re both “J” names that are one syllable, so I suspect confusion will be inevitable, and as far as the blog/podcast goes when you’re talking to one of us you’re talking to both of us.

    Thanks for taking an interest!


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