Joe’s Bio

Joseph Edwards

Born and raised in The Woodlands, TX near Houston. I attended the University of Texas in Austin as a film student. A few weeks after graduating in 2003, I moved out to Los Angeles and currently reside there with my wife Katie. I have worked for several different film companies. Currently I’m with Universal Pictures as a Credits Coordinator, i.e., the guy who helps put together those credits you don’t watch at the end of the movie.

I’ve had a passion for films and filmmaking since a very early age. I never had any strong political convictions or beliefs until my senior year at UT. That spring our country was on a clear path to war. I was never in favor of our country invading Iraq, and have marched in protest against it. I began to educate myself on politics and the ups-and-downs of different political agendas. And luckily, around the same time I became good friends with my co-blogger Jeff who was always happy to talk movies and politics.



  1. “I never had any strong political convictions or beliefs until my senior year at UT.”

    –I am going to call ‘BULLSHIT’ on that one, Joey! You came out of the womb with strong political beliefs. It is in your blood.

  2. I agree with Elizabeth. we have had way to many arguments around the dinner table over the years. It just sounds good. By the was JFK waskilled by Oswald acting alone desite the bullshit of Oliver Stone.

    so there

  3. Hi Joe:

    Loved the Podcast. You are always such a pleasant surprise. I really enjoy you as our leader on Tuesday night. My grandkids are in town . So I may not make the nextclass. But don’t forget me. I will be back.

    Ida Acunto

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