Posted by: Joe Eds | April 15, 2011

Conservative Columnist thinks Obama will Lose

Jeff and I don’t agree on everything. We don’t share equal concern or over issues. When it comes to who we read we differ sharply. But there’s one person we both jointly roll our eyes at her very mention, and that’s Peggy Noonan.

Former speech writer for President Reagan, current columnist for the Wall Street Journal. She comes off as movement-conservative, who totes the party line and worship’s Ronald Reagan’s feet. Today she writes that President Obama is likely to lose next year. She lists the reasons why…then contradicts herself toward the end by saying he’ll probably win because there’s no serious GOP candidate. That’s about the equivalent of me saying, “I think A-Rod is going to strike out at this next at bat. Unless the pitcher’s curve ball doesn’t break, then he’ll hit a home run.”

Sure, I get where she’s coming from. By the numbers of right track/wrong track polling, and his slipping approval rating among key voting blocks, Obama could be vulnerable. And by this same logic, so was Bush in ’04. But he won, for several reasons being that he ran against John Kerry. Not saying Howard Dean, John Edwards or Wesley Clark would have carried the day, I’m saying that the Democratic party didn’t have a strong message that election cycle. The GOP doesn’t this year either.

The only consistent thing the GOP talks about is whether our President is a citizen or not.



  1. Are you delusional, the only thing republicans are consistent on is whether or not Obama is citizen?

    How about runaway spending, how about qaudrupling the federal debt in less than two years with plans to increase even that level of runaway spending? How about him making it hard for us to drill for our own oil which would bring the world wide price of oil down. How about forcing voters to give money to Planned Parenthood for which many people disagree with on concience?

    What about all of his broken promises. Remember we rightly threw out Bush Sr for ONE broken promise: “no new taxes”.

    How about Obama hiring unelected and non senate approved czars. How about the flagrant abuse of Air Force one in these economic hard times. How about his diddling and apologizing for this country and then getting on national tv to give his basketball picks?

    I could go on but believe me we are talking about a whole lot more than where he is born. By the way, it is an example of his outright arrogance to refuse to produce his birth certificate. We all have to produce a birth certificate for such mundane matter as getting a passport. Every president before him has produced the required documents. Why is he spending a million dollars to keep people from investigating his birth certificate if he has nothing to hide?

    Should I go on or are you willing to retract your utterly ridiculous statement?

    John Wilder

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