Posted by: Joe Eds | April 5, 2011

Trailer Tuesday

First, some figures:

The Hangover – Most watched movie ever on V.O.D.
Domestic B.O. Gross – $277M
Worldwide B.O. Gross – $467M
Highest grossing R-Rated comedy.
Third highest grossing R-Rated film ever (behind The Passion and The Matrix Reloaded)

So…I’m betting the sequel will do pretty well. As big? Potentially. Part of the charm of the first original was while it wasn’t technically grounded (Mike Tyson and tigers and whatnot) it never veered too much into crazy territory. Also, millions of people every year travel to Las Vegas for a 48 hour window period and lots of shenanigans ensue. Many adults have woken up and tried to piece a crazy night together. Many of us have that tangible connection. The Hangover part II seems a bit different. Not that many individuals have traveled to Thailand and woken up in a slum house. However, it’s the same actors, same type of humor and same concept. Not sure if Mike Tyson is back. But Ken Jeong and two already publicized cameos are official. I’ll see it opening weekend.


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