Posted by: Joe Eds | April 5, 2011

Reax to Ryan

Paul Ryan, R-Wis, offered the unofficial GOP budget plans for the next decade which would include huge spending cuts and a complete restructuring of Medicare and Medicaid. Some are calling it brave, some calling it political suicide. Either way you see it, the ball is in President Obama’s court on the next steps.

Three important things to note about Ryan’s Proposal: 1) no big tax increases for rich folks; 2) If you’re currently 55 and over there will be no significant changes; 3) It sidesteps Social Security.  Meaning:  We’ll lump in “fixing Medicare” as part of “the problems with Obamacare” argument.

As you’d expect there’s a wide variety of reactions to this.

Andrew Sullivan appreciates the “honesty” of this package, but points out the complete BS that the GOP is saying we all must sacrifice, except the rich.

David Brooks thinks its the right way to go, and labels this juncture Obama’s “Moment of Truth”.

Josh Marshall of TPM, says this is the route to getting rid of Medicare. Slowly, but surely. And that’s a bad thing.

Ezra Klein agrees with Marshall, this is going to be a big cut. And public insurance is less expensive than private, and so essentially this is a big spending increase to the average American consumer.


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