Posted by: Joe Eds | April 4, 2011

There’s No Debate

No Debate – The GOP 2012 lineup looks pretty sad.

No Debate – As in, the GOP debate that was supposed to take place on May 2nd at the Reagan Presidential Library, has been delayed to September. No mystery why:  Only Tim Pawlenty has announced he’d attend. And to make matters more interesting, Bill Clinton said today that Mike Huckabee is the GOP’s best candidate.  Not sure why exactly – maybe Clinton’s being honest, or maybe he thinks Obama has a better shot against Huckabee so he praised him.

What’s up with this? Unemployment just below 9%, two wars. The government persistently on the verge of being shutdown. Ross Douthat, of NY Times, has a column out today mulling the issue. His argument is that the GOP should nominate a dark-horse, not well-known candidate (like Paul Ryan or Mitch Daniels) not a familiar face.

Fifteen years ago, in the wake of the 1994 Republican revolution, conservatives were in a similar position — fresh from a midterm victory but politically overextended, struggling to persuade a wary public to embrace limited government in practice as well as theory.

Out of a mediocre primary field, they ended up with Bob Dole as their standard-bearer. Their cause did not soon recover.


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