Posted by: Joe Eds | March 29, 2011

Obama addresses Libya Situation

It was necessary as we engaged the country with military force nine days ago. The President stated the why:  this is an intervention needed to avert a humanitarian crisis (not to repeat what happened in Rwanada 15 years ago), it will be limited and multinational to avoid repeating the mistake of Iraq.

But the criticism, similar to what many presidents have received in the past, was the lack of specificity on what looks like victory and when will the conflict end. But he spoke unequivocally, unemotionally and looked forceful.

In short:  He looked tough, he’ll get criticized by the right for being too vague, and unfortunately the President is in a “no win” politically here even though he’s acting like a commander in chief. I’m sure he’s praying deep down that this situation is solved. Fast.


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