Posted by: Joe Eds | March 15, 2011

Poll Shock

With so much going on in the world thus far in 2011, from Egypt, to Libya, to mother nature reigning over Japan followed-up by the fear of nuclear plants melting down following the earthquake, it seems that realities and opinions for Americans’ place in world affairs are shifting.

ABC News / Washington Post Poll released today has a few shockers in it. The one that blew me away was the figure that 64% (that’s 2/3) of those polled say our campaign in Afghanistan has not been worth fighting. Half of that 64% feel strongly about their opinion. 31% – a record low – feel it has been worth effort. The chart notes these figures increased at the beginning of this year.

The President still gets higher approval than the Republicans over handling the economy, and more people approve of his job performance than disapprove.

But there is no tea leaves to be read in this situation:  Americans have moved on from the War On Terror, and they want their leaders to reflect that. If fighting increases during the summer months (as they are expected to) this could be the trouble for President Obama’s reelection.


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