Posted by: Joe Eds | March 11, 2011

Super Trailer

Super 8 seems to feature elements from various Spielberg films:  ET, Close Encounters, the lead adult character is a sheriff in a small-town (like Jaws). This is a pretty effective trailer. Gives you hints of what to expect as well as leaving us guessing of what has been unleashed on this town. I’m not a huge JJ Abrams fan, in fairness I never watched his shows (Fringe, Lost) and enjoyed Star Trek but wasn’t blown away. Though I’m excited to see this over the other big films in May:  The Hangover 2, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Kyle Chandler is fantastic in the show Friday Night Lights. I was not as engrossed in the show as Jeff, but I vouch for it as a well-made TV drama. Unfortunately, watching him in tiny clips of him in this movie’s trailer convinces me he will have a hard time breaking out of “father” role.


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