Posted by: Joe Eds | March 9, 2011

Mitt has a hill to climb

Joe Klein analyzes the inevitable Mitt Romney candidacy, and he doesn’t think the guy passes muster.

He’s smart, he was a good governor, he’s essentially a responsible moderate-conservative…but he has made an utter fool of himself flip-flopping and fudging–and taking wildly stupid positions (against the START treaty, for example) on issues about which he knows little or nothing. It almost seems a personality disorder.

Klein takes Romney’s incoherent stance on his passage of health care in Massachusetts versus Obama’s plan. It doesn’t make sense, and Romney looks worse than a flip-flopping pol:  He insults our intelligence.  Klein’s last line is the real burn.

…we get the embarrassing spectacle of an intelligent man acting like a semi-coherent jerk.


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