Posted by: Joe Eds | March 1, 2011

No Huck, either?

Howard Fineman, one of my favorite political journalists, spends a lot (way too much in fact) of his column space devoted to the guessing game of who will be running for President in every election cycle.

In his latest piece, Fineman predicts that Mike Huckabee is not running for President in 2012.

Huckabee sounded like a wary, skeptical guy who didn’t have the stomach for the grueling humiliations of a presidential run. That’s a normal reaction for a sane human being, but the kiss of death for someone hoping to be taken seriously by the donors and strategists and writers who make up the boiler room of politics.

I’ve liked Mike since I first started reading about him in 2006. That factor, in my opinion, is what carried him so far in 2008. Not experience, not agenda, not fiery rhetoric. His likability, i.e.,” I can have a beer with him” candidate. And his approachability. I don’t agree with Huckabee when he defends his pro-life stance on The Daily Show, but I feel like I’m listening to someone speak his mind as opposed to a politician reciting talking points listed to them from a political operative. This will also lead to an inevitable Romney v Pawlenty snore showdown.


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