Posted by: Joe Eds | March 1, 2011

Best in People

An article in NY Times highlights a trend in recent college graduates:  Careers in public service.

As job hunts became tough after the crisis, anecdotal evidence suggested that more young people considered public service. Exactly how big that shift was is now becoming clear: In 2009 alone, 16 percent more young college graduates worked for the federal government than in the previous year and 11 percent more for nonprofit groups, according to an analysis by The New York Times of data from the American Community Survey of the US Census Bureau.

The sudden surge in 2009, though, suggests that the absence of traditional private sector jobs forced many of the country’s best and brightest into lower-paying, if psychically rewarding, work.

This report really spoke to me as this is not different from a decision I made this past year. Next Fall I expect to be enrolled in a master’s program learning the trade of Public Affairs. This story is very inspiring as it shows that the young is responding to these new economic times by taking more “nobler” professions than originally planned. Perhaps it’s a blip, maybe in two, three years when there’s more higher paying private sector jobs there will be a massive shuffle for them. Or a big trend for a generation to contribute to society by not going to war, but fighting the good fight for the greater good.


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