Posted by: Joe Eds | January 25, 2011

The Nods

The Academy Award Nominations announced this morning. The full list is here. Here are a few of my initial reactions, as mentioned in last year’s podcast I consider myself an Oscar buff:

  • Much stronger showing for True Grit, Winter’s Bone and 127 Hours. Three of my favorites of the year. I love Jeff Bridges, but I’d prefer to see Ryan Gosling in there instead. Did not see Get Low, so don’t know if Robert Duvall has anything to complain about.
  • No nod for Christopher Nolan for directing Inception. But the fact it wasn’t nominated for Best Editing is a real pisser.
  • The King’s Speech got the most nominations. It doesn’t replace The Social Network as front-runner status, but they are certainly tied right now.
  • Colin Firth and Christian Bale are locks at this point.
  • The Actress and Supporting Actress could go a lot of ways at this point. I don’t think Portman is a lock, and Steinfeld could potentially upset in Supporting.
  • Roger Deakins nominated for True Grit (his ninth for Best Cinematography), but sadly I don’t think he’ll win. Jeff Cronenworth for The Social Network will probably take it.
  • I have not seen Biutiful and neither has most of you, but Javier Bardem is one of the best Actors in the world, so I’m not surprised.
  • True Grit and Black Swan were not nominated for Best Original Score. They were disqualified from the category because the scores relied too heavily on pre-existing music. Oh well, The Social Network should win in that category. We shall see Sunday Feb. 27th.

*UPDATE – Just noticed that the Best Visual Effects category is now five films (usually it’s three) and no love for Tron: Legacy or Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, but Iron Man 2? Luckily, Inception will and should take that prize.


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