Posted by: Joe Eds | January 20, 2011

Hillary’s Next Move

As an ardent reader of Joe Klein, including his novels Primary Colors (about a fictitious politician in the mold of Bill Clinton) and The Natural (an actual account of Bill Clinton’s presidency), plus his column space in Time, he clearly is an admirer (practically obsessive) and frequently disappointed in and of The Clinton’s. It is also fairly clear he admires Hillary more than Bill, though acknowledges Bill is the stronger political talent of the two.

His latest column is about Hillary Clinton, and her likely trajectory after 2012. First I’ll offer a few predictions of my own: a) She’s not running for President again. Not in 2012, 2016; b) She won’t replace Joe Biden as VP; c) She will make bundles in speech fees (like her hubby) and potentially enjoy some grandchildren.

Joe Klein mulls the rumor that Hillary could replace Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense, and he thinks that is a bad idea. He concedes she’ close with the military brass and would be the first woman to have that position. But Klein hopes she stays involved with the State Dept.

Her stature lends gravitas to the work of diplomacy, an art that was denigrated during Bush the Younger’s first term and remains sorely undervalued now. As the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq wind down, as relationships from China to Pakistan to Iran fester, this is the moment for diplomacy to be restored to center stage, as senior partner to our military might. That was Richard Holbrooke’s obsession. It should be her legacy.


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