Posted by: Joe Eds | January 19, 2011

Aaron Sorkin: Future Oscar Winner

Aaron Sorkin was 29 years old when his first play A Few Good Men debuted on Broadway in 1989. Since then, he’s routinely described as one of the best writers working today. He would adapt A Few Good Men on screen, then wrote The American President, followed by the sitcom Sports Night and (sirens please) The West Wing. Most of what people say about The West Wing is true, there are some outstanding episodes of television in there and the show developed the cliche expression ‘Sorkin-esque’.

Sorkin’s next show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, deserved it’s one season fate. He adapted the great book Charlie Wilson’s War to the so-so film with Tom Hanks. And the next big project was Sorkin’s adaptation of the novel The Accidental Billionaires into the film The Social Network.

Sorkin has won many awards for this film. He will win some more, including the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.  Here, he chats with Movie City News‘ David Poland. Great convo. It’s longish, roughly 35 minutes, but it’s a great listen if you’re interested.



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