Posted by: Joe Eds | January 13, 2011

Obama’s Speech in Tuscon

Joe Klein at Time has this take, which I think is pretty on the money. Obama’s speech, link below, is quite something. His usual plain-English rhetoric, but consoling and appeasing as well. Written and delivered like a Dad speaking to his family after a horrible accident. The President, never one to show his emotions in public, mists up some. Thus far, I think it’s one of his finest hours as a Commander and Chief.

He spoke as a brother to his fellow public servants, killed and wounded in the events–an eager brother bringing the glad tidings the Gabrielle Giffords had opened her eyes. He repeated it, joyously, three times. But most of all, he spoke as a father–rising to a glorious peak describing the departed 9-year-old, Christine Taylor Green, a girl near the age of his daughters, whose own deaths, perhaps in the line of fire, he had so clearly been thinking about. And he spoke, more broadly, as the head of our national family, comforting, uplifting, scolding a little, nudging us toward our better angels.


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