Posted by: Joe Eds | January 7, 2011

Oh Hail the Mighty State

I’m curious how much traction, if any, Paul Krugman’s latest column about the Texas budget deficit will get in the MSM.

…data from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities suggest that the Texas budget gap is worse than New York’s, about as bad as California’s, but not quite up to New Jersey levels.

Governor Rick Perry touted Texas’ economy as a good conservative example of decision-making, this new data suggest otherwise. Texas’ unemployment rate is below the national average, but on par with New York state’s.

Let us hope spending cuts are not on the market. Among the states, Texas ranks near the bottom in education spending per pupil, while leading the nation in the percentage of residents without health insurance. It’s hard to imagine what will happen if the state tries to eliminate its huge deficit purely through further cuts.


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