Posted by: Joe Eds | November 19, 2010

Trailer week

Lots of big movies released their trailers throughout this week. More after the jump, but the first is easily the best.

I’m guessing the bulk of this takes place during the film’s opening 20 minutes or so, which makes this teaser all the better. Well-edited, and put together. I’m very hopeful for this one. Opens July 29, 2011.

It’s an old-school fairy tale mixed with sex jokes and “fucks”. Har de har. As a red blooded man, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you my favorite part of this trailer. Opens in April.

I’ve been over the comic book character origin film for awhile. I doubt this film will change my mind. Covers all the usual bases. If you look at the comic book films that have been successful in the last 10 years, namely Spider Man, Iron Man and Batman Begins, one common thread is a dynamic / interesting actor in the lead role. Ryan Reynolds is nice looking, but past the six pack… Opens in June.

Seth Rogen is obviously a different fit for a super hero role. Michel Gondry is obviously a different fit for directing a super hero film. I’m just not sold on this.


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