Posted by: Joe Eds | November 4, 2010

The Post Rally bounce

It’s TV history! (technically)

For the month of October, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart beat out The Late Show with David Letterman and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in viewers among adults age 18-49. Bring out the champagne! Why history? A late night cable show has never beaten a late night network show in this ratings demo. Should be noted TDS did not win total viewers, just viewers 18-49. And that was an average of 1.3 million compared to 1.2 for Leno and Letterman. Colbert and Fallon are a 200,000 viewers behind that.

This will all get massively more complicated starting on Monday when Conan O’Brien’s new show Conan premieres on TBS at 11pm, directly against Stewart and Colbert for the full hour.  Kind of funny that O’Brien, Letterman and Leno have a pretty acrimonious relationship with each other, while O’Brien, Colbert and Stewart clearly get along well.  See below.



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