Posted by: Joe Eds | October 25, 2010

Frank Rich as Fred Willard

President Obama! Hey Wha Happened?

In further proof I can’t associate the real world without resorting to film catchphrases, after reading Frank Rich’s Sunday column about the state of Obama’s Presidency, the headline “What Happened to Change We Can Believe In?” had me in stitches. And I’ve spent most of the morning quoting Fred Willard from A Mighty Wind. In fact, the GOP should adopt that as their 2012 slogan “Hey, wha’ happened?!”

Rich is cheerful as ever in his column slamming the President and his communication team for not further reminding the public all the good the stimulus has done to the economy not to mention the massive tax cut that few Americans even know about. He also spends some paragraphs railing the administration for lack of prosecutions to the financial mess in 2008. The last line is the real punch.

Its failure to hold the bust’s malefactors accountable has helped turn what should have been a clear-cut choice on Nov. 2 into a blurry contest between the party of big corporations and the party of business as usual.


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