Posted by: Joe Eds | October 25, 2010

And on Nov 3rd?

Howard Fineman, formerly of Newsweek now at The Huffington Post, lays outs the likely outlook of Washington post midterm election where the GOP will likely have one branch of Congress and the President’s approval sinks even lower. Here’s Fineman predictions (plus my take), but read the full article get more than the gist.

1. Rove’s influence and power will increase – He will forge as the moderator between the Tea Party and the mainstream “quote-en-quote” GOP. He’ll likely fail, but we’re going to see a lot more of Turd Blossom.

2. The Tea Party’s influence and power will increase – Not really. All noise. All noise. Eventually we will turn the volume down.

3. Bloomberg will get lots of attention for running as an Independent – Mixed feelings. Words cannot express how much of the country is sick of these two groups in power. But is a guy worth $20 billion really going to try to be the spokesperson for those without a voice?

4. Unions will be a force to reckon with after spending cuts – As much as the unions are mad at the democratic party for not helping the more, they hate the big corporations and the GOP even more.

5. President Obama will lose more-or-less his Chicago staff, and need to play more of the “inside game” to succeed – No shit.


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