Posted by: Joe Eds | October 22, 2010

Bush Is Back, Back Again

Bush Is Back, tell a friend.

Decision Points, George W. Bush’s post-presidency autobiography, will be hitting stores in a couple of weeks. He will be featured on many cable shows and some prime-time interviews. Bush very cleverly decided to release his book after the midterm elections, which Republicans will surely win seats and likely take back the House of Representatives, and can gloat about the recent pendulum swing back to the GOP.

He recently made a stop in Chicago, according to the Tribune, and made a very, very interesting comment.

“In terms of accomplishments, my biggest accomplishment is that I kept the country safe amid a real danger,” he said.

The former president said his greatest failure in office was not passing Social Security reform.

Two things:  Bush can claim he kept us safe only after we were attacked on his watch. And, not privatizing Social Security is his biggest regret? (I know he said “reform” but I remember 2005 and he wanted to privatize it not reform it) Meaning he wanted to privatize SS even knowing now we had a huge recession in 2008 and millions of seniors who depend on SS to not slip into poverty would have had their savings completely wiped out. Ha!

I honestly wish in books like these former politicians would be honest. If Bush wants to brag about his presidential successes he should utter two words: Roberts and Alito. Those two will be toting the conservative line for decades on the bench.


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