Posted by: Joe Eds | October 22, 2010

Beyond Baroque

Joe sits down with Richard Modiano, a poet and member of the Board of Trustees at Beyond Baroque, a literary arts center in Venice, CA. Richard and Joe discuss poetry and the impact Beyond Baroque has had in Venice as well as in the poetry community.

Beyond Baroque

References for this podcast:

  • The website for Beyond Baroque. Donations and membership fees can be made here.
  • The Events Page for Beyond Baroque, which details upcoming readings including the big events on November 6th and 7th.
  • Bio page for poet Allen Ginsberg.
  • Bio page for poet William Carlos Williams.
  • Website for Ellyn Maybe, Los Angeles poet.
  • Website for Excene Cervenka, leader singer of the band X.

Music used in this podcast:



  1. Joe,
    Congrats to you. What a pro. I found this interview to be full of interesting information. You have come along way since our first days in Beyond Baroque workshops. You know I love Beyond Baroque and it was good to hear of its history. Richard is so articulate and knows his stuff, I enjoyed this pod very much. I’m glad because this is my first pod. It took me to age 67. They say you always remember your first.
    Write on brother,
    Maureen Cotter

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