Posted by: Joe Eds | October 13, 2010

Music Wednesday

A vintage ’80’s song for your pleasure. It’s used prominently in the film Macgruber (I watched it this weekend and it’s dreadful).



  1. Bravo! Broken Wings is a mainstay on all of my 80s playlists. Love the shot of him strumming while seated and wearing a long coat at the 0:28 mark.

    I’m very disappointed, though not surprised, that Macgruber sucked. It’s one of my favorite SNL bits…definitely in the top 10 recurring SNL bits of all time. No, I’m not kidding. I’d imagine the movie would have been better had it just been 90 minutes of short bits, just like on the show.


  2. Pete,

    The movie went the action parody route (a la Hot Shots: Part Deux) but also added a lot of adult-related, sex and toilet humor. It just didn’t gel at all. the last 20 minutes are pretty blah. the villain’s name is Van Cunth, for example.

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