Posted by: Joe Eds | October 11, 2010

Wait til Next Year

Mark Halperin is in his own words an “elite and shallow” political writer, however he can spot good trends, bad trends just as good as any of them.

His latest column is just a barrel of bad news for the President, who Halperin believes can’t do anything to stop the steam roll for the midterm elections. The only good news he has for the president is “Next year will be better.”

The politically good news for Obama is that no matter what the outcome of the midterm elections, everything changes in January. Republicans will have a greater obligation, politically and morally, to help govern, rather than thwart and badger. The President will get a chance, in his State of the Union address and in his budget proposal, to show he is turning the page on the political horrors of 2010 for his party and the nation. But before then, Republicans are almost certainly going to demonstrate that you can beat something with nothing, especially when Americans seem to think that the Obama Administration hasn’t much to offer either, except more of the same that isn’t working.

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