Posted by: Joe Eds | October 5, 2010

One for us, One for Them

(This will be the last True Grit post until Jeff or myself sees the film)

Paramount released two trailers for True Grit last week which is fairly unusual. The first teaser was a stunningly effective minimalist exercise in music and brief images. I’ve seen it at least ten times and marvel at its shot selections to give us just glimpses of the film, each more promising than the previous.

Then this weekend the second trailer was released. Not ‘bad’ per se, but fairly typical, mainstream. A revenge western with cooky Jeff Bridges as the grizzly bounty hunter. There’s zingers. Acts of violence. Damsel in distress. Guitar riffs followed up by Johnny Cash. Not saying the film looks worse, just not as promising as the first teaser suggested. We shall see December 25th what the movie really is.



  1. I kinda hated the new trailer for all of the reasons you listed above. Yes, it may be the ‘commercial sell’, but it also seems to sell the honest fact that the movie doesn’t have a lot of meat on its bones. Looks like any and all Oscar buzz came courtesy of the Peasall sisters.

  2. this looks meh. not bad, not great. meh. the cinematographer must have *just* seen “there will be blood” just before editing it. “how do i make old westerns look cool and interesting?? oh, i know!!”

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