Posted by: Joe Eds | August 23, 2010

Bill Clinton on the trail

I always love listening to Bill Clinton. If you listen carefully, you can see all the gears in motion: he makes himself clear to people who bother to take him seriously. So what is he saying? That this president has “done a better job than he has gotten credit for so far.” (Which is not the same thing as saying that Obama has done a good job.) And: “All elections are about the future, so what is the alternative?” (Pay no attention to Obama, look at those scary Republicans!) And: “Give us two more years—two more years until another election. If we fail, you can throw us all out.” (Hillary will then be free to pick up the pieces!)

One other thing to note. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama love to play golf—just not with each other.

– Howard Fineman’s latest column about Bill Clinton. Two years ago, Bill and Hillary Clinton were the least liked Democrats on the national scene after the long, long primary battle between her and the President. Guess who are now the two most liked Democrats?


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