Posted by: Joe Eds | August 20, 2010

Calling the Big Dog

There have been a few articles of late (like this one) mentioning the “resurgence” of George W. Bush since combat operations in Iraq “officially” ended this week. The quotes are meant as condescension since we still have non-combat troops and thousands of contractors there. Also, W. has kept quiet. Very quiet. And he will stay quiet until right after the mid-term elections and then will do a blitz of interviews to promote his new pop-up book autobiography Decision Points. Smart. If the Dems’ game is to blame the economic downturn and troubles in Afghanistan on Bush, that will likely connect better if he’s on TV answering questions, or showing up to rallies promoting candidates. Stay out of sight – out of mind.

Bill Clinton’s no W. And the Dems are blitzing their former prez to the max. This NY Times article details 42’s schedule for the rest of the fall (busy) and I’m sure he’s relishing the notion of “Bubba to the Rescue” in order to save Obama’s first term by not losing Congress to the Republicans. And his pitch to keep the Dems in power is about staying patient on the economy:

“A year and a half just wasn’t enough time to get us out of the hole we were in,” Mr. Clinton said. “So I want you to stick with us. Give us two more years — two more years until another election. If we fail, you can throw us all out.”

There is one word, though, that Mr. Clinton does not say: Bush.

Some Democrats have started mentioning former President with such frequency that you might think he had been written into the party’s platform. But Mr. Clinton spoke of the opposition in generic terms, focusing on Republicans in Congress.

Perhaps Clinton can read the tea leaves and knows that blaming the previous occupant will only get you so many votes and that’s all. We shall see.


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