Posted by: Joe Eds | August 18, 2010

Dodd no like Warren

Talking Points Memo does a fine job of tracking political flip-floppery on both sides of the aisle. Paid off Soon-to-be-retired Senator Chris Dodd has been on the record that he does not think that Elizabeth Warren can get through the confirmation process to head the new Consumer Protection Agency, but she’s qualified.  However, according to TPM, Dodd said today, “It isn’t just a question of being a consumer advocate. I want to see that she can manage something, too.” So now he’s not sure she’s even qualified.

Sell Out. However, he also said the following today. “If the president wants to name her and it goes through the hearing process, then she’ll have my support,” Dodd said.

Ball is in Obama’s court on the fate of Consumer Protection in this country.


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