Posted by: Joe Eds | August 16, 2010

Factors in 2010

Howard Fineman of Newsweek interviewed former representative J. C. Watts of Oklahoma in his latest column. Watts is what you call in politics “a rarity”: a black Republican.

“We have a political and media culture, based in Washington, in which no one wants to study things—peel the onion—before they speak. Instead, they just play to the base to get them worked up. That’s what’s happening on all these issues.”

These issues that Watts refers to is the GOP’s talking points that are sure to last until the upcoming midterm elections: illegal immigration with that 14th amendment repeal nonsense, plus the mosque near ground zero.

“If we had any sense, the fall elections would be about just one thing: the economy.” Fineman writes. Agreed, and perhaps the GOP is overreaching with their intention to alienate independent voters on social issues as well as paint the administration incompetent when it comes to the economy. Or maybe throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the media frenzy might just work.


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