Posted by: Joe Eds | July 27, 2010

Trailer Tuesday

There is no film I hated more in 2009 than Watchmen. A few I very much disliked (Terminator Salvation, Whatever Works, Couples Retreat), but Watchmen is on another level of loathing. Simply put it embodies every mean-spirited, ugly trend we see in more and more films today. Gratuitous violence, slickly-produced computer generated gratuitous violence no less (the scene where the young Rorschach bites off flesh from another man’s face in slo-motion did it in for me), violence against women. Rape. Very slickly-made, but in the end incredibly ridiculous, sex scenes. Plus the soundtrack is absolutely bonkers. I watched that movie on my couch and just felt very sad. Even fast-forwarding through endless scenes of exposition, I felt a year of my life had been snatched from me, six-fingered man style.

And here’s Snyder’s latest. Sucker Punch. Comes out in March. It looks like a video game, but here’s to hoping.


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