Posted by: Joe Eds | July 18, 2010

Afghanistan and the GOP

Michael Hirsch has an article out on the subject. Mostly reviving the now infamous words of Michael Steele that this is “Obama’s war of choice” and that while several key-note GOPers (like Bill Kristol and Newt Gingrich) called the comments short-sighted, there are some who understood the point.

Hirsch’s article brings up this interesting divide:  some Republicans think this war is not in our best interest and more troops aren’t the solution. Of course, how much is “some” and how much impact will they have is fairly questionable. How much is the GOP doubting the outcome of Afghanistan because a Democrat in the White House? Would these grievances be the same with a President McCain?

The irony is that many liberals are upset (we at The Regimen are fairly skeptical) on the President’s plan and agree with these few Republicans that more troops are the answer. So many pundits claim the economy and job numbers will secure the President’s job in 2012, and they’re mostly right. But our presence in Afghanistan will surely be the other big outlier.


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