Posted by: Joe Eds | June 24, 2010

Too much kvetching

The culture of exposure has triumphed, with results for all to see.

David Brooks’ latest column gets to the core of the root of the issue with General McChrystal’s dismissal:  it’s the media’s fault. He dresses that idea up some, but that’s basically it. Brooks goes on and on about the media culture’s close proximity and the amount of bitching kvetching that takes place in all corners of D.C. And the media in all it’s forms spends too much time focusing on the “soap opera” side of things instead of policy.

Well, DUH!!!!  Earth to Brooks!  Hello, McFly, hello!!

A military general mouthed off and got in trouble for it. If I made fun of my boss to a Rolling Stone reporter, it became the center-piece of a big story and a complete distraction for all of my co-workers. I suspect I’d be fired too.


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