Posted by: Joe Eds | June 22, 2010

Trailer Tuesday

I’m not familiar with The Green Hornet comic books or the characters’ back story, didn’t watch the 1960’s TV show and the idea of Seth Rogen as a comic book hero that wasn’t a parody didn’t really hold much water. Having said all that, this new trailer for The Green Hornet has not changed my mind at all.

It looks just painfully generic. Rich Kid who’s a party animal (like Tony Stark) rises to the challenge to do good and builds an awesome sports car in his garage (also like Tony Stark) with the aide of a side-kick (like Robin) and blows away lots of bad guys (too many to list). Doesn’t look imaginative (even with Michel Gondry directing) and not funny (why else would you cast Seth Rogen?). But it’s in 3-D!!! YES!! Awesome!!!  That totally changes my mind.


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