Posted by: Joe Eds | June 22, 2010

General, Can you Please Report to the Principal’s Office

Ru-Roh. Well, this day is going to get very interesting…

The facts:

  • General Stanley McChrystal (mostly through his aides) was quoted in a Rolling Stone profile article entitled “The Runaway General” (PDF version of article here) about the current struggle in Afghanistan and he lobs some insults at the White House, calling it the “House of wimps” and refers to VP Joe Biden as “Bite Me.”
  • McChrystal, who voted for and was appointed by President Obama, said he was very disappointed in there first meeting and described it as a photo op.
  • McChrystal has been summoned to the White House and meet with the “furious” President.
  • Duncan Boothby, the Pentagon’s PR official who set up the interview with McChrystal was “asked to resign.”
  • He tosses insults at every major member of the President’s State Department, except Hillary Clinton.
  • McCrystal issued an apology today (Full Statement here)
  • Defense Secretary Robert Gates was just asked to be at the White House at 3pm Eastern today. Let’s assume that Obama is going to ask him to find a replacement for McChrystal.

All of this is over shadowed by the fact there isn’t much good news out of Afghanistan and both McChrystal’s and the President’s plan will likely extend past the July 2011 time frame for troop withdrawal.


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