Posted by: Joe Eds | June 17, 2010

Daily Show Bait

Congressman Joe Barton (R-TX) apologized to BP CEO Tony Hayward during the committee hearing today. It’s making the rounds on many blogs. Including Talking Points Memo here, which has his full statement. Barton characterized the “$20 Billion shakedown” of BP as a “horrible precedent”, this is of course in reference to the Spill Fund BP agreed to with the White House yesterday that will serve as the process center for citizens and business to make claims against BP.

Joe Barton is an embarrassment to Texas. A Republican Congressman that is the ranking member of the Engergy and Commerce Committee who receives most of his campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry. He’s apologizing to a company who’s recklessness and disregard to regulations is polluting millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Ridiculous…

and his compadres are taking note. Boehner on Fox News this morning. And a Republican Congressman in Florida just asked Barton to step down from his committee.



  1. Oh, and it doesn’t end there, either. Barton once asked Steven Chu “how all that oil and gas got under Alaska” as well.

    I guess Barton thought this would be a clever way to demonstrate that global warming is no big deal, since obviously Alaska must have been warmer at some point for all that flora and fauna to have died and resulted in those oil/gas deposits. Which would indicate he missed the day they covered continental drift and plate tectonics in his middle school science class.

    The man really is a treasure trove of this stuff.

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