Posted by: Jeff | June 11, 2010

The What Have Yous

1) When it comes to regulation, culture and values matter. If your regulatory agency is staffed and run by people skeptical of regulation, and who conceive of it primarily as a burden on economic vibrancy, the quality of regulation will almost certainly go down.

2) The political reality of a radicalized GOP finally gets to Lindsey Graham. Ezra Klein tries to be forgiving.

3) China offers an ongoing demonstration of how a lack of labor rights can attract jobs, which raises a country’s wealth, which raises its awareness of labor rights, which eventually drives businesses to the next job market of poor people they can exploit. It’s a fascinating process that tends to confound the twin desires for a morally decent set of labor laws and a competitive economy. And I don’t really have anything useful to say other than that.

4) The intersection of historical truth and human nature is not pretty.

5) The American political system’s idiotic populist vendetta against federal workers continues apace.


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