Posted by: Joe Eds | June 9, 2010

Music Wednesday: Scorsese Edition

Certain songs are very closely linked to memory. You hear a song and are immediately placed into a specific event in your life. Similarly, this happens a lot with me and movies. Certain songs are just going to be linked to certain movie scenes they are placed in. Period. This typically happens with Scorsese films.

Human Beinz’ “Nobody But Me” is a wonderfully terrible pop song, and it immediately places me in one fight scene from The Departed.

Another favorite is “Atlantis” by Donovan, just the trippiest, weirdest song one can imagine, and I feel like cracking Billy Batts’ skull if I happen to come across it on my iPod.

Color of Money is one of Scorsese’s worst. And it’s got one of Cruise’s worst performances too. The fact that I’m supposed to buy Tom Cruise as this is kid doing karate moves with his pool stick as anything but just the GAYEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN is laughable on it’s face. However, I do bizarrely love this scene and love this song too.


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