Posted by: Joe Eds | June 8, 2010

Speaking of California

Public Policy Polling just released a poll on the approvals/disapproval of California’s elected leaders and the results are in:  Californians don’t like their elected officials. And here’s the kicker, they don’t much like the candidates to replace those elected officials either. The PPP blog has the results but here’s the summary:

(Approval / Disapproval)
Arnold Schwarzenegger (20/64 – the least popular Governor in the country!)
Jerry Brown (37/39) and Meg Whitman (24/44) will likely face off in November to replace him.

Barbara Boxer (37/46 – nearly double the Governor’s approval rating) will probably face Carly Fiorina (22/30).

Sitting Senator Dianne Feinstein (41/41) is the most popular politician in California!!


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