Posted by: Jeff | June 8, 2010

Back In the Saddle Again

It almost seems presumptuous to apologize for my absence these last two weeks, as an apology assumes the dearth of postings on my part was trying for the readership. Surely I’m not that significant, and Joe, as is his wont, has carried on in able form in the interim.

Still, an explanation seems in order. I’ve actually just started an internship for the summer, working on the web publication side of The American Prospect, a political magazine in Washington, D.C. I had to move on short notice, and a wedding in Texas fell into that same time period, so the combined logistics rendered me temporarily incommunicado, blogging-wise.

However, now that I’m beginning to settle in, I’ll be able to return to The Regimen on a regular basis. Podcasting with Joe will also be back, though most likely in a slightly altered form. And if you’re so inclined, keep tabs on Prospect’s website. And their blog in particular. Hopefully, something with my name on it will be showing up there over the course of the summer.


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