Posted by: Joe Eds | May 28, 2010

Gut instinct

Despite the fact that Iron Man 2‘s opening weekend gross ($128M) surpassed the original Iron Man‘s opening weekend ($98M), I will hold to my original prediction that the sequel will not out gross the original’s ($318M). Of course, that’s domestic gross. Internationally the sequel is riding high.

And yesterday brought us Sex and the City 2. Early predictions are a $14M opening day gross, and likely a $80M total by the end of Memorial Day. And I bet right now it won’t get to the first one’s  $152M domestic gross. I’m guessing that, like Iron Man 2, there will be massive disappointing word-of-mouth and that the overkill in marketing has flat out alienated anyone who is not a fan of the original film (or TV show).

Granted Sex 2 will still make enough for Warner Bros/New Line to make another entry… I bet they’re going to do a prequel. The Sex girls when they first met in their early 20’s. Can’t you see it?  Rachel McAdams as Carrie or Charlotte. Alison Brie as Samantha. Or Emmy Rossum as Charlotte. Can’t think of anyone to play Miranda…maybe Blake Lively, or Rebecca Hall. Help me out folks.



  1. There are pre-quel books. This is happening.

  2. Not a fan of the series or the films, but I’d have a tough time turning down any film that starred Alison Brie and Emmy Rossum, to say nothing of Blake Lively.

  3. Carrie – Emma Stone
    Miranda – Bryce Dallas Howard
    Charlotte – Allison Brie (that’s basically her character on Community anyway)
    Samantha – Amanda Seyfreid (sp?)

    That being said, I refuse to put any more money into this franchise.

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