Posted by: Joe Eds | May 26, 2010

‘Ragin’ Cajun’ is Ragin’ Mad

Political strategists tend not to step too hard on their party’s president, or likely presidential candidate during a campaign, so it is very telling that the most-famous-political-strategist-ever James Carville is visibly angry at his party’s president for not stepping up to the plate on the second-highest rated network morning news show. Obviously the response is emotional as Carville is a native Louisianan, and no one likes seeing their home tarnished.

Granted, the irony that Carville railed on the President while speaking with Good Morning America host George Stephanopoulos (they were both top strategists on Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 campaign) is not lost on me. They were both agents of change 18 years ago and they are now well-paid members of the MSM commenting on the President who defeated their former boss’ wife. Oh the world of Washington D.C. is a small place. Here they are when they were both younger (and less fashionably dressed), from the documentary The War Room.


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