Posted by: Joe Eds | May 24, 2010

Grumbling on the Left

Chris Matthews appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday evening. He commented on various issues including the oil spill and he took shot at President Obama for not acting tougher. Odd for Matthews who during the 2008 campaign might as well renamed his show Hardball to “Obama Fan Club Happy Time!” Here’s the direct quote:

The President scares me. He’s been acting a little like a Vatican Observer here. When is he actually going to do something? And I worry… I know he doesn’t want to take ownership of it. I know politics. He said the minute he says, ‘I’m in charge,’ he takes the blame, but somebody has to. It’s in our interest.

Matthews went on to punch at Dick Cheney and Rush Limbaugh (soft targets), but the comment on Obama definitely peeked my interest. As did James Carville, stalwart liberal talking point and Louisiana negative, on Anderson Cooper 360 when he said:

They are risking everything by this ‘go along with BP’ strategy they have that seems like, lackadaisical on this. They seem like they’re inconvenienced by this, this is some giant thing getting in their way and somehow or another, if you let BP handle it, it’ll all go away. It’s not going away. It’s growing out there. It is a disaster of the first magnitude, and they’ve got to go to Plan B.

This isn’t in private meetings or at fundraiser dinners, these two are openly criticizing on the TV which means the rest the President’s party is not far behind.


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