Posted by: Joe Eds | May 17, 2010

The Charm Offensive

Despite the fact that we post on the movie business, Jeff and I have tried our best to steer away from gossip-y type news. We didn’t do anything in reaction to Tiger Woods’ love life or Kevin Smith’s issue with Southwest Airlines, for example. However, I really don’t find any contemporary actors as fascinating as Russell Crowe and can’t help myself but post this viral video. Crowe, for me, comes across like a smart fellow in just about every movie he’s in (granted didn’t see the one where he owns a vineyard in France). His way with accents, his small affectations with different characters, his physicality and ability to still bring the charm.  He is also smart enough to know how the game is played in terms of movie stars and the press, and refuses to play along in interviews. And that, for some odd reason, I find refreshing. Obviously the guy’s short-fused and is testy that a reporter, by the nature of his question, is doubting the performance. Boo-flipping-hoo. But at least it’s an honest reaction.

For the record, in the film (which Jeff and I saw and we both agreed is good, but not great) Robin Longstride is from Whales. This interview with Michael Parkinson from 2002 is probably Crowe at his most honest. He seems himself as a “true artist” that gives and gives, and the press “as a pack of bloody idiots.” Good for him.

Granted, I have ZERO sympathy for his place in the world and the fact that when a studio pays you millions and millions of dollars you are contractually required to give inane interviews for a few weeks.


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