Posted by: Joe Eds | May 10, 2010

Sequels – Big Weekends

Sequels* and their Opening Weekend – Final Domestic Gross

1. The Dark Knight $158M – $533M
2.Twilight: New Moon $142M – $296M
3. POTC: Dead Man’s Chest $134M – $423M
4. Iron Man 2 $128M – ???
5. Shrek 2 $108M – $441M

Where will Iron Man 2 fall? Not sure, but I have a funny feeling it will gross less than the original ($318M). It was released on more screens than any other film in history, just a little over 2-hour running time (meaning it could be shown more times in a day) and wall-to-wall TV spots and commercial tie-ins, many thought it would top The Dark Knight‘s opening weekend number. Nope. Is it a disappointment? Please, domestic box office figures are truly just a small piece of the pie. I have not seen it so I can’t comment on the positive word-of-mouth factor, which obviously boosted the first one. Robin Hood is next week.

*This is a sequel to an original. Does not include part 3’s, remakes or prequels.



  1. I didn’t care for the film, but it would seem that general audiences got their moneys’ worth (it got an “A” from Cinema Score). If Spider-Man 3, which (fairly or not) everyone hated, can get to $336m off a $151m start, then Iron Man 2 smells like a $340m finisher, especially with no real demo competition until (at best) Prince of Persia at month’s end.

  2. For the record, my $340m prediction was based on the original $133m opening-weekend estimate. It was basically 2.5x said opening weekend. Since 2.5x of $128m is 320m, I think that’s a safer bet at this point. Even if it fails to crack $300m domestic, it’s already doing big numbers overseas, so another $650 worldwide take isn’t out of the question. As always, next weekend will tell the tale.

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