Posted by: Jeff | May 7, 2010

The What-Have-Yous

Both parts of the interview Joe and I did with Jim Mangia, the CEO of St. John’s Well Child and Family Center, are now up. (Part one and part two.) It’s an in-depth discussion of health care for the poor in Los Angeles specifically, and the American health care system in general. We’re both very proud of it, and our sincere thanks goes out to Jim for letting us pick his brain. In other news, Joe and myself have posted our “Top 5” lists of anticipated summer movies, and I’m slowly trying to slog my way through the issue of financial regulation here and here. On to the What-Have-Yous…

1) Forget 2012: A few tidbits on how the financial crisis in Greece could destroy the world. (Have a nice weekend.)

2) Jonathan Rauch suggests that promoting family values may actually hurt families. Lexington adds a few complications to the question.

3) Ross Douthat remembers John Cassidy, a liberal critic of health care reform. Cassidy’s posts on the subject here, here and here. Food for thought.

4) When it comes to financial reform, no one really knows what the hell they’re doing.

5) Immigration reform: is it more like Prohibition, or the tough-on-crime reforms of the 90s? Douthat, Wilkinson and Douthat again.

6) Immigration reform: everyone’s got something to say. An old piece from the Reason Foundation on how lots of illegal immigrants actually do pay taxes; the fact that “the vast majority of police are awesome” does not make Arizona’s new law any less dangerous or crazy; David Frum thinks border enforcement will protect the American economy in the long run; there’s a distinct possibility the left screwed up its bargaining strategy on the issue; Conor Frierdersdorf and E.D. Kain both share their thoughts; and Andrew Sullivan collates the argument for just checking everyone.

Oh, and Ted Poe compares illegal immigrants to grasshoppers. Even better, Pat Bertroche compares them to dogs. With microchips. Nicely done, gentlemen.


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