Posted by: Joe Eds | May 5, 2010

Millionaire vs Millionaire

In other words, the GOP primary fight for CA Governor. Poizner versus Whitman. The Primary is June 8th. Who will win? Probably Whitman by a big margin. Who will lose? Citizens of CA with a television set who can’t avoid these ads if they tried. This is the sad fact about primaries is that money trumps and those who have listened to our 2010 Mid Terms podcast know, these two candidates have lots of spare change in the bank and we’ll be seeing the below ads all month long.

The Real Steve Poizner

Whitman just now getting on the defensive, Poizner has been hitting her with stuff like below for a few weeks now.

This is a fight for primary voters so naturally they’ll run the “is like Obama” schtick. But as you can see with the poll numbers here Whitman put this race to bed a long time ago.


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