Posted by: Jeff | April 30, 2010

The What-Have-Yous

As of 8pm Pacific Time on April 30, The Regimen has had over 1,250 hits for the month of April. That’s almost double any other month. Our thanks to our readers, and cue the AC/DC.

1) Epistemic closure, week four. Julian Sanchez offers a coda, and Ezra Klein and Henry Farrell wonder if it’s something that can be empirically measured.

2) Tim Wise explains how the Tea Parties are a towering example of white privilege in action. And in reaction to this op-ed by Charles Blow on the Tea Parties and race, Conor Frierdersdorf, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jamelle Bouie, Adam Serwer, Frierdersdorf again, and Jonathan Bernstein all go a few rounds.

3) The fate of Bob Bennett demonstrates just how far the Republicans have gone down the rabbit hole.

4) Daniel Larison takes on Glenn Greenwald taking on Ross Douthat over South Park’s censorship controversy and American decadence.

5) I really should start reading Lee over at A Thinking Reed again. This is a cool little post arguing that the distinction between “positive” and “negative” rights is largely meaningless.

6) Ezra Klein offers his readers the political blogosphere’s equivalent to crack.


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