Posted by: Joe Eds | April 27, 2010

Immigration Reform….Not it!

If there is a third rail in American politics it is Immigration, Immigration standards and reform and what to do with illegal immigrants. The newly signed law in Arizona sets the most loose standards to deport just about anyone. And this has sent many up in arms. (Here’s a sane response from The Daily Show) So what’s a president and Democratic Congress that is hoping to continue its gains in the Hispanic Vote to do? Why, Immigration reform that’s wha….

No, says Newsweek’s Howard Fineman. Well, he isn’t saying no, but rather then Congressional Dems he’s speaking with.

The House, also controlled by the Democrats, has historically been far less eager to deal with the immigration issue. I was just told by an authoritative House source that they will not take up the bill unless and until the Senate passes one—which, in the House, they take to mean not this year at all.

The GOP will have more of a presence in the House and Senate next year, do you think that Congress will want to tackle this issue? Understandably it’s a tough issue. No easy solutions. Latinos feel (rightly) persecuted. Some Americans feel there is an too heavy a tax burden on citizens to provide care for illegal immigrants. And, much like Health Care, any sizable legislation can be easily demonized, such as “Amnesty for Illegals!!” type rhetoric.

Fineman is right about the lack of backbone on this issue. I’d love for the White House or Congress to really step up to the plate – but not going to happen soon. Then it’s left up to the states, and as this new law has shown that their solution can be quite extreme.


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