Posted by: Jeff | April 23, 2010

The What-Have-Yous

I would’ve been more productive if it wasn’t for Lady Gaga.

1) The great “epistemic closure” debate enters week three. Ross Douthat chimed in and Jonathan Chait responded. Jonathan Bernstein dinged Jonah Goldberg, and reminded everyone that what’s being discussed is what counts as trusted information, not relative intellectual diversity. Daniel Larison argued that epistemic closure is normal operating procedure for an ideological movement. Bruce Bartlett and Jim Manzi offered up personal experiences illustrating the phenomenon. Mark Levin fired back at Manzi, and then promptly jumped off the deep end.

2) There is nothing special or uniquely “American” about the military. It’s an institution like any other, with its own particular culture, vested interests, and hiccups. And it’s just as capable of turning its back on American values as America is of turning its back on the military.

3) Why it’s hard to people who complain about taxes seriously.

4) Some interesting stuff on how creative types can make a modest but meaningful living in the age of widespread internet distribution. We at The Regimen should probably take note.

5) The freaky, Gattaca-like world of genetic patents.

6) Social mobility and inequality in America: both worse than you think.

7) Americans severely distrust their government (and just about everyone else too) but this isn’t going to make it any easier to rein in government spending.


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